I am. . .

a lover first, and always | constantly evolving into a better human | a devoted friend | a dog-mom | a lover of food | a coffee-[addict]connoisseur | an athlete | 2/3 a lawyer | a loyal self-reflecter* | conquering my fears every.single.day | a traveler | an adventure-seeker | a fighter for the things and people I believe in | pensive | introspective | sensitive | a daughter | a sister | joyful | soulful | dedicated to using my experiences good & bad to make my life better today | continuously reminding myself to live in THIS very moment | helping others along the way | HONEST, even when it’s hard.

Current goal: approach each & every interaction with grace & love.

Heidi Faye - I am a . . .

* Yes, I created my own word.

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